Why having a corporate identity is important

At Katanko Kreative we live and breathe “simple, attainable design”. Why?

Any company, no matter the size, deserves to have a corporate identity; should have a corporate identity. We can offer you that.

What is a corporate identity and why do you need one?

We would go as far as saying a corporate identity is your brand. At the very least, it’s your company’s look, the first impression. And as we all know, first impressions matter.

It usually includes your logo, business card and letterhead; and in today’s day and age, should also include a website and social media. Brochures and mailers are recommendable too.

An example of a corporate identity we did for an attorney

The logo sets the precedent. As do the colours and font(s) you choose to represent you – emphasis on ‘represent’. Setting these elements up from the get-go gives you consistency and adds to your professionalism. It gives customers an idea of the culture or personality of the business. Google, for example, has a vibrant, whimsical culture and work place, which reflects in their corporate identity.

When you invest in a corporate identity, you’re showing the world you want to be taken seriously; you’re here to stay. It ensures that you will be recognised and hopefully remembered, like Coca-Cola. It creates customer loyalty.

When developing your identity, make sure it stands out from the crowd. At Katanko Kreative, we spend a lot of time researching your industry, getting to know your business and finding the perfect identity for you. A good corporate identity will help you establish a solid presence in a competitive marketplace.

If you are looking to invest in the future of your business, and need a corporate identity stat, contact Katanko Kreative. We’re here to help you! Contact us for a free consultation.

Check out some of the corporate identities we’ve done here.